SAOC(E) Submariner Sticker Collection

SAM_0636c Decal, Window Small, SAOC

$ .50

SAM_0645a   Sticker, Bumper, Retired Submariner

$ 5.00

SAM_0647b Sticker, Canada Flag with Dolphins

$ 1.00

SAM_0648a       Sticker, Retired with Skull

$ 3.00

SAM_0684a       Sticker, Skull, Veteran Submariner.

$ 3.00

SAM_0647a    Sticker, Large Dolphin

$ 2.00

SAM_0679a      Sticker, Canadian Submarine Force

$ 1.00

Mail to: Submariners' Association of Canada East C/O 73 Portovista Drive, Portuguese Cove, Nova Scotia B3V 1P3
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