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Navy Slop System

"Before we go further, lets discuss the meaning of "Sailors Slops" and put it into a historical perspective. The term "slops" is the old 16th century word for the fashion of wide, puffy trousers with a knee band that came into style in the late 16th century. They were popular with seamen because they were easy to move in. The knee bands would be left open, and by the early 17th century they cut it off.This was the birth of the seaman's trousers. They were called slops until the 17th century, when the English navy introduced the 'slop' system. Sailor's Clothing Sailor's Clothing ca 1700 - Hermitage Slops then became a term applied to all sea clothing sold by a Purser. So by the late 17th through the 18th centuries, if you said 'slops' everyone would think that you were talking about seaman's "fit outs" or sailors clothing in general, not a pair of trousers.

An interesting set of supposedly original sailor clothing comes to us via the Hermitage Musuem in Russia. Peter the Great spent a good amount of time visiting Dutch and English sea ports and naval yards. Upon his returned to Russia, he reinvigorated the Russian Navy modeling at least some of it on what he saw while abroad. The jacket lacks pockets, but has the split cuffs closed by 3 buttons. The cut of the jacket follows the body closely including the arms. There are a ton of buttons on the jacket that go from the throat to slighlty below the waist where the jacket then flairs. The buttons appear to be made like the ones from the Gunnister and Arnish Moor jackets, that is, the same material as the body of the coat over wooden discs."

As you can see sailor's needed someone to take care of the numours items in the centuries past as they do today. Our slop's carries a lot of thore similar items and a lot more.

    Want to learn more Click below about the past sailor's and pirate's click on the link below

Now let's see What in the 'SLOPS'

SAOC Dolphin  Pin  (single)
Price $3.00

SAOC Dolphin Pin (mini)
Price $5.00

SAOC Beret Badge
Price: $10.00

SAOC Blaser Badge
Price : 20.00

SAOC Blaser Pin
Price: 4.00
SAOC Centary Pin
Price: $ 4.00


Price: $15.00

T-shirt may come in many colors and sizes. Contact me below for more info.

Black Polo Shirts


 Polo shirt styling are short-sleeved with crest The cotton-poly blend has plenty of added stretch for ease of movement. 

Light Wind Breaker

Price: $20.00



Price: $2.00

Key tags come in all sizes and shapes but if you havea SAOC key tag it will not go unnoticed.

Bumper sticker

Price: $6.00

Get noticed as a Submariner. These bumper stickers sure atract attention.

License Plate

Price: $10.00

Great for people walking toward or driving at you. Be proud to be seen 

Engeraved Pocket Knife

Price: $5.00

Ever reach or need a knife or corkscrew? Get a SAOC Engraved Knife

 Individal PINS

Price:  $2.00 Ea
Pin Sets: $15.00

Served aboard any of the Canadian Sub's and don't have a pin for your jacket.
"WE Do!"

50 Year Crest


Designed for T_Shirts to Jackets

BALL Caps Crested


Geat to keep the summer heat off
especially those that really need it.

Saoc Toques

Price: $10.00

Great in the winter cold. Keeps
everthing on your head warm.

Unlimited Items

Assortment of prices

Greg has a geat stock of items.
can outfit you with most sizes
contact him below

Association Slops

Contact: Greg Hallonquist


Greg controls and orders all the slops for SAOCEAST.  Any questions you may have either email him or fill out the form on this page.
Thankyou and hope to hear from you.