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The Submariners' Association Of Canada, SAOC East, was formed January 2002. In its origin dating back to 1979, the branch was founded as the Submarine Old Comrades Association (Canadian Branch). This was done so in response to the desires of a number of former RCN/ RN submariners from the Halifax and Dartmouth areas. They recognized the need to maintain communication among themselves, and to remain current with the serving submarine community. Additionally, they wished to nurture the camaraderie so richly held from the past. These objectives were fundamental to all of SOCA Branches and so a Canadian Branch was formed to extend them across Canada as well as those who reside in the U.S.A. Allowed by SOCA's governing board of the day, Canadian Branch became the "First" formed outside of the UK. By December of 2001, the now transcended Canadian Branch of the Submariners' Association (UK) following several years of lengthy review, the majority of membership determined that the time had arrived to "control our own destiny". To do this, Canadian Branch was to depart from S. A. (UK) and combine with the Submariners' Association Of Canada (West)Victoria, (Central) Ottawa , re-emerging as (East) based at Halifax.

Today, the objectives of the association have been currently modified to suit our needs in providing both a formal and social venue for past and present submariners in order to:

  • foster and maintain loyalty, good will, and the camaraderie as that which typifies the life and style of submariners in the submarine service, past and present;

  • enhance the well-being of submariners past and present and their families commensurate to the resources within the association;

  • maintain liaison with the Canadian navy with the desire to participate in, contribute to, and promote activities within its active submarine community;

  • and maintain liaison with other military and veterans' associations /organizations specifically those of the submarine brotherhood of other countries


 Membership is open to all ranks for those who are qualified Submariners who are serving or have served in CAF, RCN, RN and any navy. Membership dues are $ 20.00 per annum to be paid up by the end January. There is a Paid for Life program available after the first year of membership, pro-rated by an age formula Membership Application MEETINGS The branch as a whole normally meets on the last Wednesday of each month with the exception of November and December when instead, the Annual General Meeting is convened on the first Saturday of December. Through kind permission of the Commander MOG-5, meetings are convened at MOG 5 facilities, alternately S.R.'s and J.R.'s Messes.



For more information, contact: Sylvain J.R. Rouillard(Chairman)

Phone: 902- 209-1431

Mailing Address for SAOC (East) 

PO Box 91 Dartmouth, NS. B2Y 3Y2

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