Submariners Association Of Canada (E) Monthly Meetings

Members access to documents is critical to keep members informed on a
regular basis to meeting results concerning their membership.
I hope we will make this process easy for you as members.
Its as easy as clicking on the Zip file for the year you need, unzip it into a file folder you want to open them and then picking the month you want to view.
Thank-you for taking the time to become informed.
Please Pick a Year



2002 Monthly Zip 
2003 Monthly ZIP
2004 Monthly Zip
2005 Monthly ZIP
2006 Monthly ZIP
2007 Monthly ZIP
2008 Monthly ZIP
2009 Monthly ZIP
2010 Monthly ZIP



2011 Monthly ZIP  
2012 Monthly ZIP
2013 Monthly ZIP
2014 Monthly ZIP
2015 Monthly ZIP
2016 Monthly Zip
2017 Monthly ZIP
2018 Monthly ZIP
2019 Monthly ZIP
2020 Monthly N/A

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